When life gets hard and your path becomes unclear, call on your Sofari to guide you through life's journey.

As a kid, I was often found doodling in English class instead of listening to the passionate discussions about Shakespeare or The Outsiders. In truth, I always knew that art was the field I was wired for, however there’s validity behind the all-too familiar term: “starving artist.” With that in mind, I found a stable gig as a  graphic designer for a pharma company. As you can imagine, the work became mundane and my creativity felt stifled. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I realized how important it was to show him that there’s success in following your dreams.

With that, I left my job to freelance full time. While my work still includes pharmaceutical design, I’ve been able to take on projects that challenge my creativity, one of my favorites being Sofari Guide.

This collection of spirit animals defines my journey, and reminds me that there are still hurdles to overcome, joys to be had, and opportunities to seek. I hope that Sofari Guide does the same for you and empowers you to boldly follow your own path. 

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Meet the Guides


Lady Bug

Protection. Open-Minded. Luck.

In times of uncertainty and despair, look to the ladybug for protection. Its spirit reminds us to remain open-minded to any unplanned changes that may come our way. Look at these changes as opportunities for success instead of inconveniences. And remember, luck is not given, but earned with hard work and determination. 



Beauty. Grace. Forgiveness.

At times of self-doubt and uncertainty, seek the power
of the swan. Remind yourself of your inner beauty and realign your thoughts. Don’t be afraid to retreat and recharge. 



Courage. Strength. Determination.

Daily stresses, unthinkable circumstances, relentless challenges. Look to the lion to help channel your anger and fear into courage and strength. No problem is too big when you believe in yourself. 



Calmness. Motherhood. Family.

When your days are long, your nights feel chaotic and you constantly feel as though you haven’t done enough, remain calm. Take a deep breath and remind yourself of all of the beautiful people you have in your life. Surround yourself with love and lightness will follow. 



Calm. Mindful. Centered.

When life feels chaotic, call on the giraffe to remind you to hold your head high and avoid getting caught up in needless conflicts. Remember to remain mindful and present, for today is all you have, and tomorrow is not guaranteed.



Passionate. Individualistic. Free.

When you feel as though your life path is defined
by others, channel the zebra 
to rediscover your individualism and go after what you want. Always
live boldly 
and with ultimate freedom.



Balance. Peace. Compassion.

As life throws you off balance, seek peace in the elephant. Always have compassion when listening to others, but remain strong in your own convictions and harmony will surely be yours.



Balance. Peace. Compassion.

Let the crocodile remind you to live life with ferocity, strength and wisdom. You are stronger than you think and when life throws a wrench in your plans, remind yourself that you have the power to change and succeed beyond your wildest beliefs.